Since their creation in 2002, The journées Louis-André Gerard-Varet  has become one of the biggest conference in public economics in the world. It gathers every year about 200 scholars coming from all over the world that give keynote lectures, present their papers and exchange their ideas on all fields of public economics during three days.

This conference was created in memory of the French economist Louis-André Gerard-Varet (1944-2001) who played a very important role both as a scholar (in game theory, public economics and macroeconomics) and as a developper of local institutions (he has been the director of GREQE and GREQAM and was the founder of IDEP). Louis-André was also a great contributor to the development of the academic community both in France and in Europe, by being the President of the Association of South European Theorists (ASSET) and the French Economic Association (AFSE).

We would recommend that you book your hotel as soon as possible as Aix-en-Provence tends to become a very demanded place in the summer.

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Subscription fees

> Journées Louis-André Gérard-Varet
- Registration fees: 170€
- Journées LAGV gala dinner, optional (June 23): 50€/p
> Workshop WONV
- Regular registration fees: 150€
- Student registration fees: 100€
- Including WONV workshop dinner (June 25)
> Joint LAGV and WONV Meetings registration fees
- Regular registration fees: 250€
- Student registration fees: 200€
- Including WONV workshop dinner (June 25)
- Journées LAGV gala dinner, optional (June 23): 50€/p



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